Airbnb has a big design update including a brand new logo. I didn’t initially think of the new logo resembling genitals but the raging reactions has certainly helped me see it that way. Apart from that terrible misfortune the logo has had there are also plenty of logos that appear to be awfully similar to the redesign.

After observing I accidentally ended up keeping a note of things I did for most of the year in 2013 in a small to-do booklet, I started voluntarily wanting to form a habit of journaling my every-days by always carrying and noting down things in a similar booklet. I have always been a collector. Collector of any thing that somehow end up with me in number enough for me to want to continue on wanting to collect more. I realized, logging has come to be that way for me - apart from influences from other people that swear by it’s benefits. I kept a physical one for four months this year (apart from the accidental year long one from last year).

Some time last month though, when I was spending some time with my Dad in Bombay, I realized I spend a great deal of time recording my activities and sometimes spend even more time recollecting the activities if I skipped logging a few days. The other thing about logging on paper made me realize, there was no way for me to be able to ‘search’ a past activity and ‘relive’ it - the whole purpose of logging in the first place. Having said that - I did though the move from digital to pen & paper after having been through the usual paranoia of data security, reliability, availability and all that too.

But I wasn’t convinced of the idea of actually logging activities on an app, after trying and failing with apps like PathFlavaMomento and Day One. What I want to get out of logging things is a brief idea of how a particular time looked like and the kind of activities that primarily made up that time. I don’t want to though dedicate the working of my life around it unlike some people have. Plus many of my activities are some how in some form being recorded and takes away having to worry about minute recording details. So, what I’ve come down to decide is to have a post at the end of every month that constitutes the flavour of activities that were consumed in that time. By doing this on a monthly basis, I’m hoping to not burden myself by the task that is of having to keep a daily record of things. I’m just going to draft things that make the month for me, write and little about it and that should have it done.

So coming to May, this month has been about watching a lot of movies. I watched Nymphomaniac: Vol. I & Vol. 2EnemyDial H-I-S-T-O-R-YFight Club (again), ChinatownPirates of Silicon Valley (again), That Obscure Object of DesireZeitgeistZeitgeist: AddendumZeitgeist: Moving ForwardDonnie Darko, and Rosetta.

This month I also subscribed to MUBI, on which also I was able to catch some movies including: The AmbassadorArenaWomen ReplySangam, and Electronic Performers.

I also got myself a Fujifilm X100S, which I’m looking forward to go out and shoot around with a lot. Thats about from me for May.

(NSFW) Discovering the photographic works of Uwe Ommer. He also just got a brand new website, but I kinda like his old classic website a little more. He has some really interesting project series including Obama & Friends, 1000 Families and my personal favorite, Do It Yourself.

This Google experiment is surreal to say the least

OK, I don’t know what it makes me, but watching people slap each other I found to be more gripping than random people kissing each other. Beautiful sound score in the video - this song by French artist SoKo called ‘We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow’. (via)

Last weekend Sandy & I were building an app for fun and were looking to incorporate some ‘user interface sounds’, we found some nice ones including UntonesOctave and Lullatone. Check out Patatap too - fun.

This feature on the iSight by Andrew Kim makes me want to get one for its sheer classic design nature that renders it to be a collectable.

If you dream about a bike it should be a Bertelli. Check out some work of advice on building a bicycle from the man himself on The Bike Stylist blog.

This blog doesn’t want to be a professional resource but just a diary of my experience with my hobby and in order to answer to all the numerous emails I received so far, asking “how I did that bike”, or “how can you find that component”. I have no interest in keeping any secret since there is no secret. Color and shape combination is something you have to learn by yourself and only researching, discovering and trying you can fully understand a discipline, like in this case the art of bicycle.

Designers touching their faces by Nick Foster is good observation to say the least.

Why ‘Code and Theory’ makes is a story vey well told with really subtle and clever animations.

Found this though the amazing resource of useless websites, but I think this web incarnation of Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel is an absolutely stunning art for the mind piece to chew on - made by Rafael Rozendaal, be sure to check out his amazing collection of very useful websites. Also found this artwork that displays stunningly accurate information on one of mankind’s most poignant enquiries: is the internet working?

The Colour Clock: another one of those beautifully pure ideas. (via)

Yo is clearly in buzzness specially after the $1M funding. The funding and all the attention sometimes sounds ridiculous but the outline of the future plans of how it could fit into a B-to-B-to-C model is simply beautiful I think. 

So how do you convince investors that there is money to be made in the Yo-delivery business? Arbel is working on developing an API that will allow him to “partner with brands.” In our Yo-enhanced future you would get Yos from “things that interest you.” When the Gap has a sale, for example, it would send you a Yo. When your friend’s plane lands, Delta will send you a Yo. Arbel is particularly excited about the prospect of getting a Yo into Starbucks. When your order is ready, Starbucks could send you a Yo. “Shouting your name is old fashioned,” he says.

Listening to BRAIDS (via). I love their sound, very calm yet filled with wild strong busts of exploding hymns like sounds, great flavour for my mornings these days.